Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching galvanizes success.

When you get clear on who you are, what you value, and what you wish to transform through your leadership, you begin to unlock a cascade of opportunities that will lead to higher satisfaction and performance.

Leaders who thrive in business and in relationships create healthy organizations.

With self-awareness as your foundation for your leadership, you will cultivate the energy, relationships, and message that inspire both you and your team to grow your impact and effectiveness. The leadership skills that you develop in partnership with me will fuel your growth.


As your coach, I stand powerfully for your unique leadership style, and support you in developing specific leadership skills and courageous authenticity.

Typically, we explore mindset, beliefs, and emotions. This is the inner work - what happens below the surface. We create space for reflection so you get clear on your values and beliefs, grow your self-awareness, and expand your options for the future.

We also develop leadership skills and behaviors - what others see and feel - in order for you to be more effective.

You will achieve your professional and personal goals with my support, and enjoy the process.

Our partnership offers you:

  • A clear and non-judgmental perspective

  • Increased self-awareness - your blind-spots revealed, your options expanded

  • Creative and positive thinking that moves you through challenges and opportunities

  • Space to explore the connection between your inner experience and your behaviors in action

  • Opportunity to stretch your capabilities outside of your comfort zone with support, encouragement, and accountability

  • Learned leadership skills based on your personal and professional needs

Coaching Program Structure

Each coaching engagement is typically 6 months long, which is the time it takes to make behavior change. From there, we can go month-to-month.

Our coaching engagement can be a stand alone executive coaching engagement, part of an engagement program to coach all employees in your company, integrated with a learning program, or targeted to new leaders who are eager to develop themselves.

The coaching engagement includes:

  • Customized 360 Feedback or stakeholder interviews

  • Individualized Coaching Plan & Goal Setting

  • 2 Coaching Calls per month, each 1 hour long

  • Learning materials, exercises, and resources

  • Unlimited access to me between calls

What to Expect

When you get clear on your goals, and create new behaviors, structures, skills, communications, and actions to support those goals, things change.

You will stretch your capabilities while feeling empowered.

We work on behavior changes through experimentation, feedback, new tools, and learning material. I also coach you to grow your self-mastery and accountability.

You will infuse your work with refreshed meaning that will have positive impact on yourself, and that will ripple out to affect your team, peers, senior leaders, and clients.

Imagine what will change for you with:

  • Clarity about your leadership philosophy, values, and story

  • A stronger belief in your ability to rise to challenges and grow your leadership capabilities

  • Skills to give and receive feedback that improve performance

  • A compelling vision that taps into your team’s talent

  • Inspiring actions, behaviors, and communication

  • An approach to managing your time, energy, and emotions

  • Cultivating your ability to lead change

Clients describe my coaching style as warm, connected, and dynamic. I create quiet space for you to reflect, see the big picture, and make new choices. I challenge you to stretch in new ways.

It would be an honor and pleasure to work with you towards goals that are meaningful to you - both professionally and personally.

Next Steps

Working with a coach invites your be vulnerable, and that takes a relationship built on trust. I want us to both feel deeply known, heard, and respected in the coaching relationship, and to both feel invested in your growth.

To see if we are a match, we have a 60 minute discovery coaching session to see if we click.  

If we're a match, we move forward to determine your coaching goals, and to align them to your company’s culture and business goals. I partner with leaders in your people practice to ensure alignment, while maintaining your confidentiality.

If you’re interested in bringing me on to coach you or your leaders, click below to schedule an initial exploratory call.