Culture is your competitive advantage.

You can amplify your company’s impact by investing in your culture - the way people behave and do things.

Aligning culture to business strategy is a strategic move that will raise performance levels.

As your company grows, scaling your culture becomes imperative.

A vibrant culture makes clear the behaviors and decisions that will lead to success, and positions your organization for an upward performance spiral.

Companies can increase revenue by 33% by creating a culture that attracts top talent. (Source: Gallup)

Culture also distinguishes your brand and turns your employees into powerful brand ambassadors.

Culture attracts clients who appreciate who you are who want what you’ve got.

Consider how your culture serves your business.


Distinctively designed and redesigned culture starts with the executive team’s core values, and cascades to every facet of your organization.

Culture drives your employee’s behavior, creativity, and customer service. Culture is translated into how everyone behaves, relates to each other, shares information, takes responsibility, and relates to customers and clients. Culture also sets expectations for employees in how to navigate their career, manage teams, and collaborate with others.

We are in an innovation economy, and many of the practices rooted in a more command and control paradigm - performance reviews, layers and layers of management, and static strategic plans - do not unleash the full potential of today’s employees.

For some companies, this means culture change will impact many of your old processes and ways of doing things.

For other companies, culture is already strong and needs to scale.

Culture impacts how your organization is structured. It shapes how you develop and reward employees.

Culture eats strategy.

You might have the most genius strategy, but if your culture does not support the behaviors and actions to put your strategy into place, your strategy will fall short.

If the behaviors and attitudes of your workforce are not where you want them to be, and behaviors are inconsistent, then it’s time for a culture refresh.

Even when your culture is vibrant and works for you, as your company grows, it’s essential to create systems, practices, and strategies to scale your culture.

What To Expect

Whether you want to focus on changing your culture or scaling your culture, our work is highly consultative. It’s also collaborative and fun.

We start by creating space away from your day-to-day to gain perspective. We work with your leaders to get a comprehensive view of your culture right now. Through survey, interviews, and observation, we get a reality check.

We let the data tell a story. We share what we have learned with your leadership team, and facilitate discussion to fully understand the results, looking at alignment, misalignment, and surprises.

We facilitate dialogue to envision your company’s ideal culture, and we get the buy-in and investment throughout your company.

We bring our best practices and collaborate with your team to create strategies to reshape and scale your culture to support your strategy. We create a plan for change, including a robust communication plan.

The changes that you target will infuse your values throughout every facet of your organization. This might look like refreshed talent management practices, organizational redesign, new modes of communication, developing new skills, or creating new processes throughout your organization.

We work with your leaders to implement changes, using change management practices that help people to let go of old behaviors, stay with the discomfort of the new, and embrace the new culture into the future.

Next Steps

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