Gather - The Workshop

Gather your clients, potential clients, and referral sources to grow your community. Make a name for yourself as a connector, and become known for what you offer. Gatherings are fun ways to build your community of clients, champions, and supporters who will create new opportunities for you and each other.

What to Expect

We design your signature gathering - your unique and interesting way of bringing people together. Together we set the intention, structure, and feeling you want to create. We'll decide on who you'll invite, how you'll interact, what activities to include, aesthetics, and other details important to you. You will walk away with a clear concept and your next steps.

The Details

You’ll get clear on who and how you want to gather, then we’ll devise a creative plan to put it into action.

You’ll start to define this with the Gather Workbook, followed by a 2-hour virtual or in person session to map it out and get specific.

You have the option of checking in with me before and after each gathering to help with planning, facilitation, and creating the experience you envision; to decide on any follow up with your community, and to think through ways to improve.

Our 2-hour in-person day includes a gorgeous and healthy breakfast, plus a beautiful and quiet space to do the work together. 

You will receive all of my focus and attention.  With me as your coach and guide, you’ll create your vision and plan for your regular gathering.

We can customize your Gather Session, with options to:

  • Add coaching calls to support your accountability.

  • Have a virtual VIP day over Zoom.  

Next Steps

If this you feel a visceral YES to the process, then schedule a call with me to explore your Gathering.

It will connect you to fun experiences, interesting conversations, and new possibilities.

Creating your gathering is a powerful way to build your pipeline in a fun way.

Your decision to ask for help will open up a cascade of awareness, action, experiments, and new opportunities for you.  

Here’s to galvanizing your career, creativity, and business with joy!