Learning Strategy

Your company’s learning strategy will enable you to transform into your future.

Your people will live the change you seek to create on an every day basis, so empowering them with the skills and competencies that will lead to your desired results really matters.

We create a learning strategy designed to develop the skills your people need to lead you into the future.

We create a strategy that reinforces new behaviors that lasts.

We embed the learning in your organization’s culture so it has lasting impact.


Developing and refining your learning strategy is a consultative process. We gather information that will tell the story of where you are going, and why. From there, we look at the competencies your people need in the future, and design a strategy that will make the learning stick.

We believe that learning:

  1. Empowers your employees to succeed.

  2. Is dynamic, experiential, personal, and creates new possibilities.

  3. Must have cultural buy-in and engagement to stick.

  4. Is about changing hearts and minds, as well as developing new skills and behaviors.

  5. Needs support and reinforcement to stick.

What to Expect

We start with conversations and information gathering to know your business strategy, talent strategy, and culture. We understand the supporting structures for what you seek to change, and anticipate the challenges that might get in the way.

Developing and refining your learning strategy is also a change process. We collaborate with your leaders and high performers to create custom learning programs with cultural buy-in.

I work with your senior leadership to champion the change you seek to make through the learning program.

As your consultant, designer, facilitator, and coach, I create a learning strategy that is engaging and rooted in adult learning theory. The strategy will create behavior change and resonate in your culture.

Your learning strategy can be simple and streamlined, or global and multi-faceted. It is always interactive and experiential, integrating progressive practices, methods, research, case studies, and scenarios relevant to your business to design your programs.

Next Steps

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