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Be Spacious as you create what’s next. In our fast-paced world, the ones who can slow down and consciously create their businesses and leadership style will stand out. Click on the stars to get
Be Spacious.

Spaciousness takes you out of everyday minutiae, out of your automatic self, and into
dynamic presence.

With self-awareness and self-mastery, opportunities unfurl.

In spaciousness, focus on enjoying yourself, being in your power, sating your curiosity, and connecting with those who light you up.


What is Be Spacious?

Be Spacious is about business growth through self-expression.

When you give yourself space, you come to deeply know your voice and value so you can translate that into your leadership actions, messages, products, and services that are authentic to you. Your work will sustainably hold your interest while engaging your community.

Be Spacious is a concept, an emotional construct, and a method.

Give yourself space to be yourself, and give others space to be themselves. This takes understanding and the willingness to let go.

With space - distance, perspective, and possibility - we look through 4 prisms to view your opportunities. Filtering your decisions through these prisms lead to greater authenticity, engagement, possibility, and creativity.

Let’s dive deep into the 4 prisms: Pleasure, Power, Curiosity, and Connection.


When you make space in your work for pleasure, you create enjoyable and sustainable work that feels good.

Pleasure tells us to slow down and enjoy our work. We become more mindful and present to what is happening now.

Pleasure helps us organize our time so drop high speed hustling in favor of working consciously aligned to our values.

What satisfies you tells you who you are, and who you are not. It informs your boundaries, decisions, lifestyle, time management, and how you work.

Making space for pleasure, you can look calmly at the routines and practices that serve you, and those that don’t, and reshape what works for you. As you expand your sense of space and time, you expand your beliefs about what you can receive and experience.

Your pleasure attracts interest in your work, opening up opportunities aligned to who you are.

Giving your pleasure space in your work also offers you insight into your motivations and commitment, so you stay accountable to your vision.


What you know strongly and surely is your power.

Your values and beliefs are your power.

Your experiences are your power. Your risks are your power. Your failures are your power.

Your transformations are your power.

The present moment is your power.

Your power is rising up from loss, disappointment, rejection, overwhelm, perfectionism, and self-doubt. Your power is your self-mastery. Your power surges within with confidence, vitality, and self-acceptance.

Knowing and fully claiming your power propels everything you do. This is what drives you to persist, and fuels your resilient in the face of fear, self-doubt, and rejection.

Your power is the value you bring to your community, clients, and collaborators.

Trust that your labor and leadership is holy. Work with the inner strength that you will have positive impact into the future beyond what you can see now.


There’s so much to learn, to explore, and to discover. With curiosity, you’re never done, and that’s exciting. When you get to the end of the road, there’s more beyond the ending. Curiosity expands your thinking, your opportunities, and your reach.

Space for curiosity reconnects you to a sense of vastness and awe.

This is where creative thinking and new possibilities emerge.

Curiosity makes your business and leadership dynamic, in a constant feedback loop, forever learning and innovating.

Curiosity allows you to pursue what is interesting to you – whether it is directly tied to your business or not. Curiosity stimulates your mind, broadens your knowledge, shifts your perspective, and gives you passage to new worlds, tastes, beliefs, sights, and cultures.

Curiosity enriches your leadership and your business. You connect with the people, ideas, opportunities, stories, clients, and environments that make you feel alive.


Connection is emotionally rich. Connection is feeling love and support in your community and your personal life. It is moving out of isolation and loneliness and into vulnerability.

Connection is rooted in truth. You know who you are, what you have to express, and what your triggers are. This helps you to lead and interact with people authentically.

Connection might look like friendship with your peers and clients, being part of communities that fill your soul, creating and nurturing community around your business, creating and curating moments of awareness for your clients, leading with authenticity, and having balance to invest in personal relationships.

Connection grows your relationships with people who are invested in you – your peers, collaborators, mentors, clients, future clients, and loved ones.

Connect with people through your character, behavior, and messages. What you have to expres through writing or speaking matters. With connection, you know your ideas, tell your story, refine your brand, and create possibilities to new work.

Connection is also believing in what you offer so much that you love asking people to invest in what you offer, and your feel inspired and grateful to follow you.