I love my clients. Here’s what some of them have to say about our work together.

Executive Leadership Program Feedback

Jessica is an extraordinary project manager.

Jessica’s led the design and management of an executive leadership program, and her integration onto my team was seamless. She is an extraordinary project manager - very strong at stakeholder management, detail orientation and driving quality results. She far exceeded my expectations for managing the project. I very much enjoy working with Jessica.
— Tovah, Executive Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Energy Industry, New York

Learning & Development Feedback

our leaders seek jessica’s expertise

Jessica is stellar, standing out as one of the best consultants I have worked with. One of Jessica’s strengths is that she is nimble. She can think both strategically and high level, and quickly shift gears to managing details. In an instructional design capacity, she always thinks about the learner and ensures content is engaging. On multiple occasions, she quickly mastered new and complex content and established herself as a go-to resource among peers and leaders.

She is an excellent project manager and skilled at leading and motivating teams. When facilitating, she is passionate about teaching others in ways that are relevant and impactful. She is committed to ensuring that training has a lasting, positive impact on our customers, is aligned with company goals and positions the company for further growth.

When managing training logistics, she executes flawlessly, effortlessly managing through ambiguity and obstacles. She will do whatever it takes to ensure a warm welcome to new hires and best-in-class training to tenured employees. She also plans with the bottom line in mind, leveraging her relationship and negotiating skills to ensure savings.

Organizational development and change management are also areas of expertise for Jessica. She foresees organizational impacts and thoughtfully equips both leaders and individual contributors to handle any change seamlessly and successfully.

Our leaders sought her expertise and guidance throughout training adoption and reinforcement. She has designed creative training reinforcement solutions for both leaders and individual contributors. Using her communication expertise, she crafts concise, action oriented messages that create excitement and inspire change.

Personally, Jessica is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a positive, genuine, and caring person. Our team and internal partners view her as a part of our business.
— Suzanne, Senior Manager of Training Strategy, Financial Services Company, New York

Culture Change Feedback

Jessica gained our trust

As a global startup, communication is so important to our ability to collaborate and function. I hired Jessica to lead a culture change process that culminated in a company offsite. Jessica facilitated dialogue and we spoke openly about our communication issues and started to identify areas for change. In the entire engagement, Jessica gained the trust of our CEO and our employees, and delivered change with the buy-in of our entire company. She helped our executive team clarify priorities and she worked with us to customize new programs and processes to break down silos and geographic distance - we’ve become more cohesive since then.
— Emily, VP of Operations, Tech Startup, New York

Team Effectiveness Feedback

jessica helped us break down barriers

I engaged Jessica in a team effectiveness project for my team, which had inconsistent engagement. Jessica was open to my suggestions when developing her approach to the work, and she quickly gained a handle on the culture and personalities of the team. More importantly, she worked well with those who quite frankly, didn’t believe in the process. By going through this process – interviewing everyone on the team, sharing high level patterns, and engaging in dialogue to become more connected, the entire team felt that their opinions were valued, and they were finally listened to. She gave the group space to have open dialogue but always kept them on track. Reinforcing how to have effective team work and healthy relationships boosted my team’s ability to collaborate. She helped us create a team vision and that helped to break down barriers. We had some very tough personalities and I really appreciated that Jessica didn’t let these individuals adversely impact the group’s learning experience. She remained extremely professional and positive, and engaged with everyone. Jessica helped the team set a vision for how to relate and communicate with each other, and that raised the bar for team members who wanted to engage at a higher level. It also made others realize that their behavior wasn’t going to work, and so they moved on. My team started to function and perform at a much higher level after working with Jessica, and since then, I’ve continued to build my teams with new skills and techniques that I learned. It was money well spent.
— Michael, Director, Financial Services Company, New York

Coaching Client

Jessica helped me voice my ideas

When I started working with Jessica, I was worried that my business ideas were still too abstract and disorganized to make use of our time together.  Jessica met me where I was on my path, and provided helpful feedback and support for exactly where I was at the time. She helped me think through my abstract ideas and translate them into action items, and she helped me give a voice and form to what were previously just ideas in my head. 

Through our work together, I have clear actionable goals for how to move forward with my business development, and a 5 year plan that feels realistic and exciting.  I have a clearly defined scope of services that my business offers which I did not have before. My process had been organic and unorganized, and Jessica helped me create a deliberate path with set milestones. She pushed me to focus on aspects of my business that I had avoided or not thought about before. She also addressed things that people don’t always talk about - the fear and insecurities of putting my ideas out there.

Jessica is incredibly adaptable.  There were times when I wasn’t able to complete all of the tasks we had set for me in our previous session, or my work led me in other directions and toward other results.  She listened to me and picked up the conversation and provided feedback to what was in front of us without batting an eye. 

I really appreciate how positive and encouraging Jessica is!  I got judgement free input from a great listener. And Jessica has a presence that grounded me, especially when we talked at the end of a long and stressful day. 

Just dive in!  Rather than thinking you need to have it all figured out, Jessica will walk through the process of exploration and formalizing your ideas and you will be happily surprised by what comes out of it.
— Aviva, Architect, New York

Coaching Client

Jessica supported who I am

Before I started working with Jessica, I was afraid it would be like the previous coaching experience I had, which was completely detached from any real business perspective or actionable advice. Instead, I found that her support is based on who I am and what I want to do, with actionable items rather than metaphysical opinions. My previous coaching experience was a source of anxiety, but working with Jessica felt relaxed – it was a real connection. She recognized me as a polymath, and didn’t advise me to focus on a niche. She quickly understood my goals and skills and gave me actionable strategic advice, like creating a framework for cross-disciplinary innovation that could lead to a book - in pleasant and relaxing conversations. She understood my desire to connect with people, and the challenges I have had in doing that from a small town outside of Rome. Since we have connected, I have started to undertake what we discussed – I’m exploring inactive connections with old colleagues, university friends, and people I met at conferences. I’m planning to organize dinner parties and play in house parties where I could offer my problem-solving skills, too. And I’ve moved to London!
— Fabio, Entrepreneur, London