Hi, I’m Jessica Powers.

I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a coach, organizational change consultant, mastermind leader, learning strategist, and retreat curator based in Brooklyn, New York.  

I’ve been in New York for well over a decade, and I love living in a city that is teeming with the energy, culture, people, and constant learning experiences that make me feel alive.

Before I lived here, I lived in San Francisco - in the Mission, where I ate a lot of burritos, worked in film and music production, and created parties that raised millions of dollars for the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

For the past 15 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with people to grow their business and leadership capabilities by tuning into themselves.  

I have my Masters degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. The social and emotional dynamics of creating change fascinates me.  I see business as my medium for bringing positive change in the world, and I work with clients to bring positive change to their worlds, too.  

Harnessing the power of the collective – and all of the dynamics that support or hinder that process - is awesome.  Whether your collective is your team, colleagues, advisors, peers, clients, or potential clients - I help you engage and align your community so you reach your goals together.

I've worked in media, technology, entertainment, energy, international development, and financial services - think big name brands and innovative startups.

Everywhere I go - whether I’m working with solopreneurs, startups, or Fortune 500 companies - I stand for people expressing themselves in their business and careers, and letting it be fun, creative, emotionally rewarding, and fascinating.