My mission is to help people self-express
in their business and career.

The world wants to know your story, your point of view, your solutions for your own challenges. I help you make space to allow experimentation, curiosity, and aliveness to guide your next creation, message, and transformation.

Our personal life experiences and the tools and strategies that we have developed for our own resilience and joy have universal significance. There is a connection between your personal experience and our larger social, cultural, and business structures.

As great feminists have said, The personal is political.

When you connect your personal experience to your business and career, then your businesses and career becomes a medium for collective transformation.

Authenticity Empowers

My business is infused in me, resonating and reverberating from within. My connection to what matters to me is what gives me the heart and determination to show up, evolve, and expand - even when it’s scary.

Express yourself, without reservation, without holding back, fully and gorgeously and imperfectly you - a work in progress who consciously and continuously grows.

I'm not like everyone else, and neither are you.  You will learn about brilliant strategies with me, but unless those strategies resonate with you, they have no legs.  I will support you in knowing who you are, what matters to you, what you wish to create, what holds you back, and what you have to offer.  I want you to feel deeply aligned and satisfied. I want you to expand your options and make your own choices.

I will help you awaken to yourself while also teaching you strategies and practices for leading, creating, and growing.

Read this to get to know me more personally.

Business Growth is Personal Growth

Our businesses and careers are a medium for personal transformation. What you value, known deeply, and hold as essential in your life must be aligned to your business and career for you to feel whole.

When we just go for the results without enjoying the process of transforming ourselves and the world, that’s like having sex without the foreplay, eating food without appreciating the source, and hiding in illusion. We are not fully seeing ourselves when we’re perpetually taking action without checking in with our thoughts and feelings. We expand into wholeness when we create with spaciousness.

Spaciousness Opens Us to Connection

The self-awareness and clarity we find in spaciousness leads us and returns us to inner knowing and alignment.

Spaciousness nurtures intimacy with yourself.

Spaciousness is refuge to be yourself and for the people in your world to be themselves. Spaciousness invites listening. Listen to yourself to deeply honor who you are, and deeply listen to others to understand them. Spaciousness offers you intimacy with yourself to allow your voice expression, and to have a relational business and career. In space, you can unleash your fascinating ideas and experiences, creating something unique in your business and leadership.

Spaciousness connects you to what is vast and deep

In space, you expand. You move out of day to day immediacy and reactivity, and into long-term legacy thinking about what you are here on this earth to do. I believe that big thinking, joy, meaning, curiosity, power, truth, and relationships fuel business growth.

Spaciousness is abundance

Your thinking and your possibilities are limitless in space. You gain psychological distance to previously myopic thinking. Space invites insight and strategic thinking. There are no inevitabilities. In spaciousness, you allow your limiting beliefs to surface, devise ways to work through them, and begin to transform to a state of empowered imagination.

spaciousness and vastness is self-care

To be spacious and committed to creating something that matters to you takes energy and self-awareness, and to make it sustainable, you’ve got to care for yourself. This is so basic - primal, even. Eat well, sleep well, breath deeply, move your body, forgive. Feel the energy that your food, oxygen, and love infuse you with so you can take on a bigger fuller life. Let’s all learn to take better care of ourselves and each other.

Spaciousness allows for beauty in business

Our world is full of people who rush to fill space and cut off their connection to themselves. Spaciousness gives us a pause to reflect on what we are protecting and shielding against - it opens us up to be our pure selves. You are beautiful. So is this world. You can experience beauty and awe in your business.


I want your love to be woven into your business and leadership style.

Your love is not the same as my love. But I do want whatever your love is to be woven into your work and ideas. When you do this, you will feel right. You will show up every day to lead and create. This is sustainable business that is human-centric. This is creating work that is fascinating to you.

Weaving your love into your work is being part of an engaged and awake society.

I teach what I know about business building (I launched my company in 2011), cultivating relationships, creating fun, working with emotions, and developing as a leader. I love working with people to create or reframe their business and career so it’s successful, happy, and healthy. 

With the Right Tools, Darkness Is Rich

Your shadow side – fear and self-doubt - inevitably come up when you create.  I welcome your darkness.  No, scratch that.  I celebrate it.  

Your complexity makes you human. Your struggle and contradictions are rich with possibility for new awareness and growth.  We look at ways to befriend your resistance, because while you might learn to turn the volume of it down, we must create even when there is just a small mustard seed of hope that your creation will be what you wish it to be.  

We work kindly with perfectionism and the anxiety that perfectionism produces.

All beauty comes with decay. Beginnings have endings.  Endings unleash new beginnings.  Life is strange.  Nothing is permanent.  Your creations and growth are part of a cycle of transformation and change. You are ever evolving, creating, and growing.

This work can be existentially difficult. We face ourselves. We make tradeoffs and mourn those tradeoffs.

Spaciousness does welcome rest, but it’s not all about leisure and no work. Creation is labor. Connecting emotionally to yourself and others take a lot of energy. Constantly telling the truth is brave. Taking the actions to bring new visions to life take work. This is the richness of life.

Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.
After enlightenment, chop wood., carry water.
— Zen Saying

Work with me to express yourself in your business and your career. Let’s unleash your connected, joyful, and wise actions.