Be Spacious - The VIP Workshop

Be Spacious is an exploration inside your inner world. We unearth what you want to express and experience in your business and career, so when you take bold actions, share your message, and sell your offerings, it deeply resonates.

You design your business, career, and projects the way you want them to be. 

Without doing this inner work, you risk breakdown, missed opportunities, and lack of fulfillment.

Your business is your medium to engage in a rich life, and live with meaning. I invite you to give yourself time and space to recharge, get quiet, reimagine your future, and reengage with what matters.

What Will You Explore in Space?

Year by year, you grow into a different person. You encounter new ideas, your interests expand, your business or career grows, and old interests become stagnant. 

Be Spacious is for people who are at an inflection point. You want to make a choice about what to devote your life and work to next.  You want a break, or a new creative direction. You want to infuse your work with who you are.

In spaciousness, explore what matters to you.

  • Explore creating a new product or service infused in you, what you know, and what you love. Package your experience, skills, and knowledge into a sellable and marketable creation. Create your unique framework, model, and voice. Then, get ready to turn it into reality by making time for it, experimenting, piloting, adjusting, and sharing.

  • Deeply develop an idea that lights you up and fascinates you, that you can transform into a message that attracts people to your work. This idea might become a book, podcast, blog, vlog, or content plan that will positively transforms lives. We get creative and clear on your idea.

  • Dive deep into your mission, value, values, and branding so you commit to how you will focus your time and attention.

  • Rediscover love for your business and career by tapping into your strengths, power, curiosity, quality of connections, and what you enjoy. Feel lit up by your work rather than feeling uninspired by creating new opportunities for yourself. Enjoy the process of building your business, rather than feeling stressed.

  • Envision your vision, goals, and strategy with exactly what you want and what you will commit to doing. Joyfully stretch what you think you are capable of, and make a concrete plan for the quarter or year.

  • Explore your business model or strategy as it relates to your lifestyle, and make plans for glorious expansion and abundance that feels good for your natural rhythm and energy.

  • Explore how you lead your business or career. Get clear on your leadership style, point of view, values, priorities, self-leadership, communication style, work culture (even if it’s just you!) and team leadership. Refresh and realign how you lead.

  • Explore the clients you’d love to connect with, and how you’d love to connect. Knowing who your ideal clients are will help you communicate with them, find them, and co-create with their needs in mind. Discover your ideal branding, marketing, and sales activities that work for you with your pleasure, power, curiosity, and connection in mind. Develop a plan to connect with your ideal clients, build a strong pipeline, and make sales.

The Details

In a full day Be Spacious Workshop, we work 1:1 (or gather friends to do this as a group) through the Be Spacious process to get clear and expansive.  You will explore ideas and options from a state of discovery and calm, and with my complete attention, faith, vision, and business know-how.

Experience a 6 hour in-person VIP day in New York. Our in-person day includes a gorgeous and healthy breakfast, delicious lunch, plus a beautiful and quiet space to do the work together. 

You will receive all of my focus and attention.  With me as your coach and guide, you’ll create your vision, work through blocks, and set a clear plan for inspired action and accountability. 

The VIP day includes three 60 minute coaching calls to set you up for a phenomenal experience:

  • Call 1: Before your VIP day, we identify practical steps to make time for spacious exploration and long-term thinking. We look at your schedule and priorities to make stress-free time and space for your deep work.

  • Call 2: Before your VIP day, we focus on what you wish to work on.

  • Call 3: After your VIP day, this call supports your inspired actions and next steps to help you move your ideas into action.  

We can customize your VIP day, with options to:

  • Add coaching calls to support your accountability.

  • Have a virtual VIP day over Zoom.  

  • Turn your VIP day into a extra luscious retreat in the location of your choice around the world (think Hana, Marrakech, Split, Ubud, and beyond).

Next Steps

If this you feel a visceral YES to the process, then schedule a call with me to explore your Be Spacious VIP Day.

A Be Spacious VIP day is a powerful way to make a great leap of progress towards what matters to you, and to transform the growth process from stress to joy.

Your decision to ask for help will open up a cascade of awareness, action, experiments, and new opportunities.  

To explore having a Be Spacious VIP day, click below to schedule a chat.

Here’s to galvanizing your career, creativity, and business with joy!