An engaged employee is enthusiastic and genuinely loves their work. High engagement means employees are committed to your company’s values, mission, goals, and long-term success.

The future belongs to companies teeming with people who are engaged. Engaged employees feel valued and connected to your company. They can see the big picture, think expansively, stand for their values and beliefs, know they will be supported, and feel like they are helping humanity through your business.

Having engaged people in your company also means that you understand changing workforce demographics, social change, and technology’s impact on the world - and then connect that to your company’s operations.

Employees of the future want to work collaboratively with team members, have space to innovate, and feel like they’re part of a small company. They want to know and connect to your company's story, and they want to tell their own stories. They want to feel good and live prosperously - and they want your respect for their whole and balanced life.

Employees of the future want fewer levels of hierarchy, and they want to advance through fairness and merit, rather than seniority.

The future needs your business savvy and your heart. Understanding your employees’ emotions and motivations is pivotal to crafting cultures, programs, processes, messages, and support structures that will lead your people towards championing your company and their role in it.


Your employees are brilliant, capable, creative people who want to be engaged and add value to the world.

Employees want to connect to a sense of meaning in their jobs and in your company’s mission.

To be engaged, your people need to trust your senior leaders, feel respected and valued by their direct leader, and have opportunities to develop themselves.

Your people need to enjoy their work environment and have positive relationships with the people they work with.

Raising levels of employee commitment and care impacts how your people show up at work, problem solve, innovate, collaboration, and succeed. Raising engagement leads to greater profitability for your company.

Engagement is good for humanity and it’s also good for your business growth - with higher performance, retention, creativity, and customer service.

And yet, over 51% of employees are not engaged. (Source: Gallup)

That means that you have untapped potential to increase engagement, and raise performance, productivity, retention, creativity, and customer service.

Next Steps

Through Engagement work, companies infuse every facet of their organization with the values and skills that make our world better, and develop the tools for strategic growth.

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