Interim Leadership

Your company has so many balls in the air, and it’s important not to drop any of them.

When someone goes on leave - for a sabbatical, medical leave, maternity leave, or otherwise - that impacts a lot of people and business processes.

Support your employee to take care of themselves, knowing that their work will be tended to with care and expertise. This also ensures that interdependencies with others will carry on seamlessly, while not over-stressing the team.

Keep key projects and processes moving along.


I get to know the person who will be going on leave while they are still in their role.

Typically, I transition to a role for a 2-4 week period while the person going on leave is still in the company.

In this transition time, I understand the role, stakeholders, collaborators, and key business processes. I do this with a consultative approach - in conversations, reviewing information, and shadowing the person going on leave. I get to know business objectives, all the work involved, anticipate challenges and understand available resources. I also learn about your company’s culture and key objectives.

I am in the role while the person is on leave. When it’s time for the person on leave to transition back into the role, I help with that transition. I typically remain in the company for about 2-3 weeks after their return.

I keep your critical work moving forward while adding fresh skills and perspective to your company.

What to Expect

Roles I typically cover:

  • Learning

  • Training

  • Leadership Development

  • Culture & Happiness

  • Organizational Development

  • Human Resources & People Operations

Next Steps

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