Personal Retreats

You are your business, and you're always on - running from meeting to meeting, call to call, launch to launch. 

You are in control, and it's invigorating, but sometimes you need a soft warm place to land, and a gentle process for checking in with yourself.

Retreats offer an opportunity to unwind, look inward, and make conscious choices about what matters, where to focus, and what to drop.

Sometimes you need space away from the quick pace of the day-to-day - and your own drive. We co-design a retreat for you to replenish, create, connect, and realign.  

For solopreneurs or people in transition, a personal retreat gives you a fresh perspective and a new experience of yourself and your work. Your retreat might last a half-day, a weekend, or a week. You might stay local, come to (or stay in) New York, or travel somewhere away from your day to day. 

This retreat can be solo, or a combination of solo and group. For instance, we can curate part of your retreat to include your personal board of advisors, a focus group, your team, and/or specialists in your areas of interest. 


When you need a shift, retreat to start a new path. My retreats are your personal and business growth strategy.


  • Attention. A custom designed retreat means I listen to your needs, and design a retreat based on your needs. Your comfort and care are woven in to the design, and I attend to every detail with love.

  • Preparation. We'll have a pre-retreat consultation to design a retreat that you desire. We will also look at your work flow, and decide on practical ways to clear your space and time for retreat.

  • An ending. A retreat is usually a time to pause and make a shift. This often means that there is an ending - something to let go of. Not always easy. Whether your ending is your choice or not, endings are rich. On retreat, you face what you are ready to let go of - a smaller version of yourself, an identity, a cultural norm, a thought, a role, a relationship, a business focus, or a disappointment. Together, we face it, feel it, and allow it. When you do this, you allow yourself to become bigger.

  • Curated experiences. Your retreat experiences are designed for you, your energy, how you want to feel, and your interest. We will get creative.

  • Tools. I offer frameworks, workbooks, activities, and processes for inquiry as your tools on retreat. Your retreat explorations might be about your mission, vision, values, desires, goals, strategy, or ideas.

  • Support. Retreats can be customized to include me as facilitator, coach, and/or host.

  • Transformation. Your retreat will be a pathway to transformation.

  • Integration. Post-retreat coaching will help you notice what came up, integrate what you learned moving forward, take action on your commitments, and to stay accountable.

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