We co-design a month+ for you to step away from your usual life, and immerse yourself in an activity or project that breaths new life into you and your work, that leads you in previously unexplored territory and directions, that lights you up and feels exciting to you.

We work together to support your growth. We talk during your sabbatical as little or as much as you need, and I support you through your reintegration.

We create a plan for integrating your insights into your life and sharing insights with your broader community or organization.


A sabbatical is your personal and business strategy for evolution. It’s also an awesome reward for a thriving business.


  • Attention. A custom designed sabbatical means I listen to your needs and curiosities, and we design a sabbatical based on what you want. Your delight in learning and creating are woven in to the design.

  • Preparation. We'll have pre-sabbatical consultations to design the that you desire. We will also look at your work flow, and decide on practical ways to clear your space and time for sabbatical that allows you space away from your day to day work.

  • Big Thinking. Your sabbatical experience are designed for you, to expand your possibilities, enliven your energy, explore something fascinating, create something with dedication. We think big and get creative.

  • Support. I help you create your retreat - from curating experiences, finding rare resources, and coaching you when you need it.

  • Transformation. Your sabbatical will be a pathway to transformation - endings, new beginnings, a new self.

  • Integration. Post-sabbatical coaching will help you notice what came up, integrate what you learned moving forward, take action on your commitments, and to stay in the wonder of it all.

Next Steps

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