Truth - The Program

You have a book idea or a signature course that you’d like to write, at last!

Work with me to craft your ideas, cultivate your writing process, shape your message, and write it.

What do you believe?

What do you know?

What do you have to teach?

How will your message transform the world in a positive way?

Your truth is your self-expression, the basis of your brand, what you offer, and an exploration into what’s next. As you write, you more clearly define who you are and what you believe.

Your truth is the value you share and what attracts people to you.

What to Expect

We get clear on your truth. Then we let the creative process unfurl.

We create an action plan for creating what you wish to create in a way that supports your creativity and exploration - your style.

We explore how to get your truth visible in a way that feels right to you.

We get clear on your message and who you are, and spend ample time developing and exploring your ideas.

You will explore your ideas from a state of curiosity and aliveness, and with my complete attention, faith, vision, belief, and creatively provocative questions.

With me as your coach and guide, you’ll refine your truth, and create a plan and rituals for inspired and sustainable creating.

Then you write. Throughout your writing process, I coach you and guide you. I give you feedback on your writing, and keep you accountable.

The Details

Start with a 6 hour in-person Truth Workshop in New York. Our in-person day kicks off our work together, exploring the essential message that you have to share, mapping out and uncurling your ideas, and developing a writing approach that works for you.

The day includes a gorgeous and healthy breakfast, delicious lunch, plus a beautiful and quiet space to do the work together. 

The Truth Day is followed by 12 60-minute coaching call to support your creativity, clarity, and the writing process.  

We can customize your Truth Program, with options to:

  • Have a virtual Truth Day over Zoom.  

  • Turn your Truth Day into a extra luscious writing retreat in the location of your choice around the world (think Maui, Marrakech, Split, Ubud, and beyond), with time and space to write away from your day to day.

  • Add additional coaching sessions

Next Steps

If this you feel a visceral YES to the process, then schedule a call with me to explore the Truth Program.