Let’s Get More Personal

When it’s over, I want to say all my life I was a bride married to amazement.
— Mary Oliver, When Death Comes

As a kid, I used to run into my neighbor’s yard, sit by the creek, and dig into the mud to look for bones and arrowheads. I found rocks and polished them at the local gem store. I sat on my stone wall and looked at bluebells while imagining my own reincarnations. I saved pennies and stacked them into paper rolls. I sang at jazz camp, and loved the the brasses. I ate pickles and read letters from my great-great grandfather in Lithuania. I transported myself to different times and states of being, and was an explorer in my head.

This exploration of wonder is juxtaposed to what was not the easiest of childhoods. I grew up around alcoholism, mental illness, and financial insecurity.

It’s been a slow and steady process of personal transformation to give myself love, security, and self-worth. I’ve invested a lot in myself. And all of this personal work translates to my business.

Where I see chaos, suffering, and control, I see other options.

As a kid, I knew people had impenetrable darkness. As I held that reality, my reality was feeling close to the evening stars, eating mint ice cream, reading adventure and sci-fi books, walking through cemeteries, floating in water and hearing my heartbeat, and singing for the joy of it.

Life is full of awe and beauty. We can choose this.

I love to travel this amazing world. I love talking to strangers.  I love to talk to my grandma (she’s 96). I love to meander Brooklyn neighborhoods. I love a delicious cocktail.  I love grocery shopping at the Park Slope Food Coop on Saturday night.  I love to cook delicious, healthy, organic, gluten free (I have celiac) food at my leisure - food that doesn’t have an ingredient list. Mushroom soup. I love taking mid-day dance breaks with the lights out, glasses off, and shades pulled down. I love taking baths with goat milk and fresh flowers, and making my own bath salts infused with rose quartz.

I love to float in a float tank, and I devote myself to silent meditation as a practice in my life.  I want to feel awe, and I’ve felt that when being chased by an elephant in South Africa, watering my snake plant, seeing the sunrise while sitting on a volcano in Bali, watching a man take a shower while smoking a cigarette while sitting in heavy country traffic, knitting a sweater one stitch at a time, moving through lavender fields in Provence, floating in the Aegean sea, gathering warm eggs from chickens who make eye contact with me, dancing to X Rated by Excision, reading poetry, buying rambutans in Chinatown (then eating them), holding space for someone I love, and smiling at babies and dogs on my walks in Prospect Park. 

I crave the stimulation of intelligent conversations and creative expansive thinking. I love to collaborate and create new concepts.  I love learning from people who have perspectives different from mine. I love beauty and people who appreciate beauty.  I love dressing up for a party and having deep conversation with interesting people.  I laugh irreverently. I love luxury – taking my time, giving others space to be themselves, feeling silk on my skin, and smelling perfume that I made myself.  I love giving and receiving impeccable service. 

I integrate all that I love in my business and in how I grow my business - both in the lifestyle I have created to give space to the things that matter to me, and infusing my business with these things, too.

My love is woven into my business through my workshops and events, deep coaching conversations, joyous networking, truthful relationship building, and in hosting retreats around the world.

My work is about me creating what matters to me - working with meaning, having tender but steadfast goals, being emotionally connected to my work, feeling free to self-express, and practicing faith and self-trust.

I wasn’t directly taught these things so essential to me – not by my family and not by our dominant culture.  I have felt the void and so I have filled my own well. I have created a world where what matters to me is my study, my practice, and my offering.

I know you, too, have cultivated for yourself something that matters deeply to you, and I am here to support you in creating and expressing what matters to you.

I Teach What I Practice

The heart and soul I bring to my business is backed up by formal training and strategies that have led to creative and business success.

My formal training in grad school taught me about leadership, group dynamics, and the psychology of change. That, plus over a decade of coaching people, developing leaders, and helping teams thrive in startups and Fortune 500 companies has given me insight into what leaders and organizations need to grow into an authentic and sustainable future.

As a trained meditation teacher with a regular practice, I offer mindfulness to help creators and leaders cultivate presence and self-awareness. I have my own daily practice, and have also been on a few long silent meditation retreats. I’ve created my own sabbaticals, and I have a daily devotion to my spiritual practice.

I have also learned and masterminded over the past decade with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders - the best of the best. I share the brilliance of what I have learned with you.

I also have my own coach.

Come with me into your own practice. I want to open you to exploration, beginnings, spaciousness, and possibility. Together, we'll slow down and be fully present with who you are. When you grow with spaciousness, the rewards are rich.