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Leadership Program

Companies of the future are creating dynamic project-based teams that are increasingly becoming self-managed teams. Layers and formality are stripped away, and creative teams must thrive - not based on title and seniority - but based on high performance and team cohesion.

A feedback-rich coaching culture supports high performance through continuous learning.

A feedback-rich culture supports positive relationships with emotionally aware transparency and collaboration.

Leaders at all levels who cultivate feedback and coaching skills will raise personal, team, and organizational performance.

Topics include:

  • Growth Mindset

  • Trust

  • Goal Setting

  • Motivation

  • Accountability

  • Receiving Feedback

  • Discerning Which Feedback to Implement, and How (or How Not)

  • Sharing Feedback

  • Coaching Communication Skills

Program Structure

  • Four 1/2 day sessions

  • Curated peer coaching with program participants in between sessions

  • Up to 30 participants per cohort

What to Expect

We define your leader’s coaching and feedback philosophy, and practice new skills in interactive and dynamic sessions.

With improved coaching and feedback skills in your company, peers effectively coach each other, reverse mentoring programs can thrive, and leaders can lead teams through strong feedback and coaching skills.

  • Pre-program consultations to understand your business, your business goals, and goals of this program

  • A curio of rich learning experiences in an interactive lab-like space

  • Knowledge through deep dialogue, creative thinking, and scientific research

  • Enlightening and expanding assignments to test out new ideas and reinforce new learning in between sessions

  • A mix of individualized and group attention and development

  • Integration of your executive learning champion in the program itself, and in communication around the program

  • A communication and reinforcement plan throughout the program

  • High level feedback and suggestions with your company’s key people development stakeholders

Next Steps

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