Leadership Programs

Grow your organization’s impact one leader at a time with our Leadership Programs.

Leaders in our programs do the deep work to connect your business strategy with their own values and sense of meaning. They develop their leadership framework.

Self-awareness is powerful. It’s powerful to know yourself and your challenges, triggers, strengths, opportunities, and creative ideas.

Our Core Programs cultivate the leader’s self-awareness, and grow skills for leading teams and communicating effectively.

When your leaders develop the skills and behaviors to lead with emotional awareness, self-mastery, healthy communication, and happiness, then you will raise performance levels and make a positive impact on our society.

In addition to our Core Programs, see our Menu of Learning Programs that we can customize for your company.

What to Expect

As your facilitator & coach, I create a safe environment for every leader to explore their ideas, challenges, and opportunities. We have deep dialogue that feels meaningful, engaging, and connected. I promote increased understanding and practice of the behaviors that will propel your leaders forward. We are inventive, contemplative, open, clear, and experimental.

The 3 Core Programs are designed to connect leaders at all levels to their source of power, inspiration, connection, and authenticity while developing skills and behaviors to lead themselves and others well. Healthy relationships and business results - we love both!

Core Programs Offered

Be Spacious
Leadership Program

Be Spacious is our signature leadership program. The self-aware leader knows what drives him or her, navigates relationships with emotional intelligence, and leads high performance. Read more.

We Coach
Leadership program

A culture rich with effective feedback and coaching at all levels supports collaboration, continuous learning, and growth. Read More.

leadership program

Happiness is about strengths, belonging, having healthy relationships, being in flow, career satisfaction, and effectively managing stress. Read more.

Next Steps

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