Coaching for
Solopreneurs & Project Starters

Bring your creative vision to life with one-on-one coaching.

Private and personalized coaching gives your space, support, tools, and structure to bring richness to your work. Wake up in the morning to a business that you love. When you fulfill your values with your work, you are lit up, and that ripples out to all realms of your life.

It is powerful to chose exciting and interesting work. When you know how to use your talents to help others then you will be focused and empowered. Together, we explore your creative ideas and go after business opportunities that you want. With my support, you’ll take big actions within a gentle process.


As your coach, I stand powerfully for your self-expression in your business.

I offer you safe and open space to explore deep inner work.  We explore what you have to share, and why. We look at work that you want to rediscover with fresh eyes, new frames, and new energy. We explore new ways of working so you are empowered in your own experience and perspective.  

We focus on your fascination, feelings, creativity, and the tools to make it happen.



We create space for you - your truth, values, and big vision. We tune into your creative ideas and what you have to express. I offer you frameworks, strategies, and provocation to develop work that is interesting, empowering, and engaging to you and the world you create.



We’ll explore your mindset, beliefs, and emotions. This is the inner work - what happens below the surface. We create space for reflection so you get clear on your values and beliefs, grow your self-awareness, and expand your options for the future.

You’ll learn about your resistance and befriend it so you can work with it, instead of letting it ruling you. You’ll face your perfectionism, fear, and self-doubt while growing a heightened sense of worth. learn about the business and personal benefits of feeling worthy, powerful, and happy. We look at how you approach your work, which will lead to better business results and personal feels of worth, power, and happiness.

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You will create what inspires you, and stay focused because you love your work and feel empowered. You might create a new path in your business, new products and services, a new marketing direction, a new message, and shift to empowered business growth.


Tools, support, structure, accountability - you need it! I expand your toolkit so you have more resources to draw from as you grow your business and self-expression. I am your sounding board and thought partner, and I hold you accountable with a structure that feels good. I share with you my experience in growing and building a multiple 6 figure business.

Our partnership offers you: 

  • A clear and non-judgmental perspective

  • Space to explore the connection between your inner experience and your behaviors in action

  • Support to design work that lights you up

  • Open space to deepen your self-awareness and gain perspective

  • Connection to your motivation, inspiration, inner power, and positive thinking

  • Tools to turn challenge into strength

  • Support in learning specific business and mindset skills

  • Opportunity to stretch your capabilities outside of your comfort zone with support, encouragement, and loving accountability

  • Support to design a business that fits your desired rhythm and lifestyle

Coaching Program Structure

  • 12 One-Hour Coaching Phone Calls (in a 3-6 month period)

  • A Co-Designed Energetic Experience or Retreat to do deep work

  • Direct access to me through email and text

  • Unlimited 5-10 minute laser phone check-ins

  • Creative Review and Feedback of your work

  • Tools for self-inquiry, creativity, and business building

  • Custom Designed Assignments and Experiments

  • Tools for Accountability

  • Resources, Recommendations, and Surprises

What’s Next

Working with a coach invites your explore and be vulnerable, and that takes a relationship built on trust. I want us to both feel deeply known, heard, and respected in the coaching relationship.

Working with me is not for everyone. It is for big dreamers and visionaries who are also ready to roll your sleeves up and do the work. The work is deep and it is challenging. It will light us both up, and be fulfilling and world expanding. You will open up and try new experiences in the process. You will grow.

Our conversations will uncover your truth, lead you to clarity, propel creative ideas and new experiments forward, and open you to growing your business with love. You will face what tends to block you, and build new tools to grow your self-trust, and take amazing care of yourself.

Let’s explore if you’re ready to go deep and grow, and if our coaching conversation can feel wholehearted, fully supported, and honest. Click below to schedule a call.