You thrive on
freedom & fulfillment.

How does it feel to create
your own prosperity?

I work with solopreneurs and project starters who love their autonomy and aim for personal expression and fulfillment in their work.

You are your brand. You run your business. You don’t have the intention to raise money from investors, sell your company, or hire a big team because this work is your personal passion. It’s you. You love turning your personal experiences and knowledge into solutions for others. You want the financial, lifestyle, and the emotional rewards of self-actualizing through your business.

And this life is an emotional roller coaster, whether you are trying to break to six figures or are nearing the million dollar mark. Time pressure, money pressure, day-to-day activity, rejection, self-doubt, disappointments, being out of your comfort zone, and fear are real.

My work helps solopreneurs and project starters make space to connect to the core of what matters to you and fuel your stamina from within. We enter liminal space where creative possibilities and new directions emerge.

I want you to feel awe, amazement, and power in your work. We design strategies to grow your business with happiness, self-expression, success, and self-worth. As you prosper financially, you will also prosper by living with meaning, feeling emotionally in tune with yourself, and doing work that feels vibrantly alive.