Programs for
Solopreneurs & Project Starters

My programs for aspiring solopreneurs, solopreneurs, and project starters help to build your businesses with energy and joy.

I have been in business for over 7 years, and have worked with brilliant solopreneurs over the years. I see people who love their freedom to create and build wealth, who have successful strategies, and who also become overwhelmed by it all.

These programs are a response to need to bring creativity, prosperity, clarity, connection, power, curiosity, and fulfillment to the forefront of your business.

The world needs your fully unleashed brilliance.
you need vitality as you build your business.

Read on to discover more about the five programs that I offer, and schedule a call with me to find out which program is right for you.

Be Spacious

The VIP Day

Be Spacious is my signature workshop. You will voyage inward to discover your next business creation or career path. We will explore and shape your creative ideas, and co-designing a new product, service, career direction, or message that is saturated in you. We discover your creation process that will feel good to your unique needs. Through a process of deep self-awareness, creative thinking, and strategy, you will create a clear and spacious plan to bring your creation into reality.

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The Workshop

In The Prosperity Workshop, we look at how to love what you have and increase what you have with grounded principles for building wealth. And perhaps most important, we create ways for you to enjoy the process of increasing your wealth.

With attention to both mindset and strategy, we design ways to grow and keep your wealth.

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The Program

Work with me to craft your ideas, cultivate your writing process, and shape your message. You will write your book or signature course.

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The Workshop

Work with me to create your signature gathering - a regular live affair to bring people together, grow your network of interesting people, and create new opportunities for yourself and others.

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The Spot Check

Loving Accountability

The Spot Check is for you if you have your goals in place, and would benefit from the clarity and accountability of a quarterly call to keep you on track.

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